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Great workmanship, my Cadillac needed a windshield they guided me through the insurance claim and did the replacement at my place.. definitely recommended.

Joey Muldoon • a month ago

Auto glass replacement - Joaquin was a life saver. I needed glass replaced quickly. He was out to replace the glass within 2 hours of me calling. He was super! Very professional, great work and cleaned up all of the broken glass. I highly recommend!

Christine Russell • 2 months

Excellent job. Very professional and polite. I found them online, they came to my house the same day and did their job fast and clean. I totally recommend.

Margareth Silva • a year ago


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Glass is an integral part of the structure and safety system of your car. Damaged glass can impede your ability to see and avoid accidents. Damaged glass can break further while your car is in operation and put the driver and any passengers at further risk. 

Most importantly, the glass is part of your car’s structure, safety and occupant retention system. Few people know that damaged glass can affect such things as the ability of airbags to deploy properly.

REPLACING your glass involves removing the current glass part and installing a new one. REPAIRING the glass uses a process to fill the break with resin that then cures with UV light. Which you do depends on the type and location of the damage as well as your preference. 

Some people may incorrectly assume that a small crack can simply just be patched, but ultimately it is a decision that should be taken in consultation with your auto glass professional. For conditions that should not be repaired under any circumstance, see item #7 in the Repair of Laminated Auto Glass Safety Standard.

Depending on the state your Insurance policy was issued, You'll need to check your insurance policy to see if auto glass replacement is covered. If your policy does cover glass replacement, your policy may still require you to pay a deductible. However, this is not always the case. Some states are considered "Zero Deductible States" in which a deductible payment is not required for certain auto glass replacements.

Under Statute 627.7288 the deductible provisions of any policy of motor vehicle insurance issued in Florida, providing comprehensive coverage, shall not be applicable to damage to the windshield. 

The cost to replace a windshield in Florida varies depending on the year, make and model of the vehicle, as well as the type of windshield and its features. However, the average cost is between $250 and $450. Take into consideration some windshields feature a Lane Departure Camera that may need recalibration after a windshield has been repaired or replaced.

If you have comprehensive insurance, you may be able to have your windshield replaced free of charge or for a reduced deductible. Be sure to check your insurance policy to see if you have the coverage.

How long does it take to replace my windshield?

A windshield replacement can usually be completed in a couple hours including the camera recalibration, if needed, before you drive it. However, it is important to allow the adhesive to cure for at least 48 hours without making any force from inside-out or a carwash machine to avoid leaks.

Florida full-coverage auto insurance: No deductibles for windshield damage, no rate hikes for no-fault claims.
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